Best Prosecco Wine Guide: Discover The Best

There is so much more to easy drinking Quality Prosecco than its affordable bubbles.

In this prosecco wine guide, we will answer the question, "What is prosecco?" We will also talk about enjoying prosecco and giving you a list of some of our favourite prosecco in the world.

What is prosecco?

Prosecco is a soft, sweet and affordable sparkling wine. Part of the difference in pricing is the method of manufacturing produced by Prosecco. A still glera grape wine is fermented in the bottle again twice to create the driest wine. Only wine of the Prosecco region is known as prosecco, not far from Venice. The principal grape was named glera, but it was previously known as easy drinking quality extra dry Prosecco before that.

Check out this article for more information about the difference between French Champagne and Italian Prosecco!

The best value bottles of Bubbly

Italian Prosecco is a much more affordable crisp wine than French wines. There are always lots of prosecco offers that makes it the same or cheaper than a standard bottle of wine. The main feature we wanted to share is that extra dry Prosecco contains fewer calories than our favourite spirit. It is the same weight as Champagne. And there is no need for special occasions as a day of no particular time to enjoy this elegant drink.

The best prosecco taste-tested

In our review, we'll find the best prosecco available in the UK.

Are you looking for that luxury bubbly at a fraction of the price to buy?

Buy Bella Principessa Luxury Asolo Prosecco extra dry is the parfait drink for any celebration of a birth anniversary or a work promotion day. Bella Principessa might be the best prosecco brand able to eclipse Champagne as the luxury fizz of choice. We have found your favourite fruity, fresh fruits, dry or sharp tastes. Let us know what type of Prosecco, Pinot Noir you like best or want to know more so you can try something new. You can taste the difference.

Buy Best Prosecco for £20 or less.

I think it's time to stock up on the latest bests for the warmer seasons. At this time of year, many stores and wine shops have excellent deals. The strength of Prosecco is its pleasant light fruit character and price. It is not attempting to copy French wine and has carved into this his own (significant) market space. Keep your eye open for the best offers available in supermarkets and wine merchants this time of the year so stay alert to Prosecco offers.

How do you enjoy prosecco like a pro?

You can taste the difference. The first step of enjoying prosecco is opening it up correctly: uncorking the bottle will help preserve your prosecco flavour long after popping open the cork. Next, find yourself some drinkware (such as flutes, wine glasses or prosecco coupes) and pour your prosecco into them. You can also enjoy proseccos in a frosted glass with lots of ice for iced prosecco!

The most famous glera grape wine in Italy is called Conegliano Valdobbiadene prosecco. It is different from Champagne because it uses other grapes and winemaking methods.

Whether you want to learn more about this wine or are just in the market for some affordable quality bubbly, the "Best Prosecco Wine Guide" has what you need. It teaches you how to pick flavour types and tastes, where it's from, and of course, all your food pairings.

How do I open a bottle of prosecco?

Both the warm or rough handling of the corks makes these situations explode. Frustration in glasses and not over the ceiling should not happen. If the delicious prosecco is extremely lively and mousse is climbing from the glass into the top despite a slow pour, move on the next and come back.

Do you love Prosecco?

Are you looking for a favourite new drink? Then look no further. Prosecco is light and bubbly with flavours of citrus and flowers. It pairs well with many different foods, so we've compiled our favourite ways to pair food with our prosecco recommendations.

Prosecco Superiore docg

This Prosecco superiore docg can often be a little more complex with tempting notes of tropical and orchard fruit tones, and a touch of toasted brioche suggest a bit of richness in the glass. 

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG 

Conegliano Valdobbiadene superiore designation is a subtle prosecco superiore docg with delicate sherbet and pear notes on both the nose and the palate. The valdobbiadene superiore docg bubbles dissipate incredibly quickly, leaving a touch too much sweetness on the finish and some warmth from the alcohol. 

Here's how to pair food with Bottles of Prosecco!

Are you looking for a delicious food pairing guide? If so, you've come to the right place. We will go through several different foods and pairings that will make your food taste even better! You might be thinking about what food goes with the floral aromas of a glass of Asolo prosecco or what wine vocabulary words to use when tasting it.

Which is the best Prosecco?

With all the classes out there for wine, it can be a little overwhelming. There are many different kinds of sparkling wines. You can classify these wines by their country of origin, the process, or if they are sweet or not. Chances are, you already know that Champagne come primarily from France, but did you know that the floral notes of Prosecco only comes from Italy?

How do you pick an excellent organic Prosecco?

Picking a suitable Prosecco is no easy task for anyone, and with all of the terminology out there, it may seem like a challenge. But don't worry! This guide will help you make sure you pick the Prosecco to go with whatever food you're eating — every time.

The following is a quick course on what each sparkling wine classification means that also includes organic prosecco.

Sweetness: Extra Brut to Demi-Sec

Residual sugar is natural grape sugar left in the wine after fermentation. Residual sugar not only shapes the taste but also affects the touch and feel on your palate. Wine with floral notes, no residual sugar will tend to taste more acidic and noticeably dry. For dishes that are at once salty, tangy or full of robust flavours, you'll want to pair a dry wine such as Prosecco. When pairing with complementary foods like oysters, goat cheese or rich dish sauces, opt for floral aromas of a more generous bubbly style such as Prosecco Superiore docg, Prosecco DOC and organic prosecco.

To make a Prosecco, they add residual sugar in the wine, measured in grams per litre. The more grams of RS, the dryer the prosecco will be. Extra brut has no RS. Wines typically lack sweetness until it has an RS that exceeds 30 g/L.

Here are seven different styles to get a sense for:

Extra Brut

Aside from brut nature, extra brut variations are among the driest options you can find on the market. Wines made using this method are super crisp and focused with just 0-6 g of residual sugar.

Sweet flavours can make dry wines taste overly tart. Unless it's a dessert course on the menu, avoid pairing sweeter dishes with drier-style bubbly prosecco superiore docg.

Pairing: Brut Prosecco wines work best with delicate foods, like raw seafood and oysters.


If you crack open a bottle of Prosecco and don't know what type, chances are it's brut. Prosecco Brut can have up to 12 grams of sugar and taste completely dry, with the sugar added for weight rather than sweetness.

Pairings: Brut Prosecco fizz will go with most foods but is best paired with salty items like seafood, fried chicken, and other snacks.

Demi-sec offerings are noticeably sweet. With between 32 to 50 grams of sugar per litre, they are not too sweet. The versatile Prosecco stays fresh because of its acidity and bubbles. They go well with different foods like cheese, but others like them for strawberry shortcakes.

Consider pairing the different styles of Prosecco doc fizz with desserts, fruits, and cheeses to come up with endless new flavour combinations. 

Pairings: Demi-sec variations pair with desserts such as fruit tarts or creamy mousse for a refreshing finish. 

Bring these wines out when you have lighter dishes like scallops cooked in butter or burrata cheese drizzled in olive oil sprinkled with herbs and Himalayan salt.

Grape Varieties: Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs

All sparkling wines, regardless of style, is made through a technique called Secondary Fermentation (aka second fermentation), where high pressure and sugar provides extra bubbles. Prosecco fizz traditionally uses white wines in its production, making these two varieties differ from one another.

Blanc de Blancs

Wines such as Blanc de Blancs are lighter and dryer than wines such as Blanc de noirs.

Blanc de Blancs pairs perfectly with seafood because of its bright, sweet taste or yumminess relative to other types of prosecco for the price.

Prosecco Rosé

Drink the finest prosecco brut rosé fizz is typically a blend of light- and dark-coloured grapes, so an even better name for it would be blanc de noirs (white from black). Gently pressing red grapes and removing the skins expeditiously, the wine retains its white colour. These wines have more richness and fruitiness than a Blanc de Blanc.

Drink famous Bubbly: Blanc de noirs pair well with earthy mushrooms and roasted chicken or duck.

Aging: Late Disgorged & Vintage

Many wines are 'non-vintage,' meaning that the grapes are from different harvests. Winemakers can bottle their wines in a year-specific manner by recognizing that every grape harvest differs from previous years.

Late Disgorged Wine. What is it?

The “R.D.” on a label denotes "récemment dégorgé", or "late disgorged" bubbly wine. The process of removing dead yeast cells and lees, or the residual fermentation after secondary fermentation, is also known as disgorgement. The bottles include a small amount of wine that contains sugar to preserve the bubbles.

A late-disgorged sparkling fizz spends more time on its lees, yielding richer and more complex flavours. Though they may taste fresher than the same vintage in bottles, many find that wines may even taste better from working bottles.

Pairings: Pair this refreshing, crisp and complex wine fizz with the perfect, elevated tasting complement — Tsar Nicoulai caviar. This pairing allows the porky, creamy characteristics of the caviar to shine.


Vintage sparkling wines are a snapshot of that year's bouquet. With every bottle of bubbly prosecco comes a new story about the vineyard, weather, winemaker's tastes and decisions. Most wines blended from grape juice harvested in more than one season and aged for a few months before hitting the shelves. Producers can store vintage wines for up to 40 years.

It is best to pair refreshing Vintage wines with special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries for one-time events. 

What is a nice bottle of prosecco?

The nicest prosecco brut wine is an Italian sparkling wine that has become a famous fizz in recent years. It's often served as an apéritif or with dessert, but it can also be drunk on its own. There are many different types of refreshing prosecco wines, and they vary in sweetness levels from dry to sweet. The most common prosecco varieties are brut (dry), frizzante (lightly bubbly), dolce (sweet) and organic.

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